DMNZ @ Taupo final

It’s been a long time coming, two weeks in fact!
So here is the final coverage from Drift Motorsports NZ run at Taupo two weeks ago.

I thought I’d save my favorite to last, here they are.
First off, this black PFL S14
He was doing some pretty sick entries all day long, and the simplistic style of the car really got my attention.

D1 SWAT C33 powering out of the final corner of the course, I don’t know much about this car at all, but shit. It is awesome for a Laurel!

Again, this R33 blew my mind.

This is what my new lens does to Eddies car, I’m still learning how to use it, fast..
It has no auto focus!

Getting awfully close to the drivers was a crazy experience, like I’ve said before, some of the drivers were trying to get close to me.

If you see me trying to get up in your shit, Push it and come closer!

Does make for some silly retarded shots though, but I’m into it.

Mack Kwoks VH41DE-tt S13….
The livery on his car is so photogenic, plus… the amount of smoke it puts out is pretty rad too.

Shanes new car & engine…

Jodie, one part of DMNZ feinting into the first corner.

Wide angle of Nico Reid exiting the first corner at mach 10, his new wheel set up is pretty cool,
I think better than the green wheels he used to rock!

I’ll leave you with this last shot of

Someone please let me know what kind of wheels they are…

Hope you enjoyed the coverage this week,

Part one here

PArt two here

I have to get up super early and head to Hampton downs in the morning..
I’ve found myself a media pass for the VIP Pet Foods 12 Hour Endurance Race!

See you guys Monday!


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