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Three cool cars





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Steven Sole JZX in the wet

I like shooting in the rain,
Mainly because every one else disappears, which is good for people like me
Meaning that I get a different variety of pictures to choose from.

Reflections are a big one for me,
reflections of light from the track onto the car,
reflections of the car into shallow pools of water laying on the track..

When I first was out in the rain taking photos was as Hampton Downs shooting Formula 5000’s
They were amazing because you could capture… see..
The rooster tail they create from their big wings and big tyres,
seeing the moisture flow over the the wings and tyres,
giving you some idea of the aerodynamics these machines have.

Since then, I was not afraid of getting my Canon wet
Because I know that after an absolute drenching, it works perfect every time.

This is Steven Soles Chaser.

Don’t run away from the rain,

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