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DMNZ @ Taupo 04/12/11 pt I

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Feature! – Tony’s Drift Empire AE85

As I sit here on the couch watching my flatmates watch a movie, beer in hand.
I’m having quite the hard time pondering about how to write some sort of article.
Not really Some sort of article, a feature.
My first feature here, on TeamBrett.
This has been sitting in my drafts for quite some time, while I figure out what to do,
How to do, when to do.
Do you start it like speeches back in highschool?
I sucked at those.
Or do you start with a one liner like you do to pick up in bar?
No idea.
So, Fuck it.
Here it is.

I had met this driver a few months back now at a Garage H drift day.
He was one of very few people that was driving Not a Nissan drift car,
which is rather refreshing at local drift days!
He is from Hamilton and is in the team / group of friends that had met on Empire street,
They love to drift and wreck tyres 😉

This is Tony Elkins from Drift Empire

And this is his ’83 AE85 Notchback.

To start this off, we’ll kick it where the party is.
In his AE, Tony has swapped out the original engine with a 4AGZE from an AE92.
Keeping the supercharger, and forcing 14PSi into the engine,
Which has been fully rebuilt with forged pistons,
Balanced pistons, rods and crank,
Out and into the Apex’i Super Spiral manifold through the custom exhaust.

Connecting all 160whp to the ground would be a T50 gearbox with a Extreme HD clutch,
Through to a one piece driveshaft, into a LSD Hilux diff.

Sitting the AE pretty and low are BC Coilovers,
Helped with Whiteline adjustable sway bars front and rear,
A full Nolathane and Noltec bushing kit, & Roll center adjusters.
Tying it all together is a 6 point bolt in cage.

Wheels are Sportmax 002 in 15×8 +0 all round with 25mm spacers,
Tread is grippy Bridgestone RE001 195/50’s up front
and since rears don’t last long on drift cars, are 195/50’s or what ever Tony can get.

Inside where all the exciting stuff happens, and where Tony sits is a Bride Holding Monsters seat,
OMP dished steer wheel which is held one by a D1 Spec quick release,
kicking and standing is on an AE65 pedal box and the lucky passenger has a ride in a Recaro.

The outside of the Corolla bares a Full D Max kit,
Front side and rear, with 40mm wider glass gaurds,
Kouki head lights, corners and grill.

Now, to taper off to and end, i’ll leave you with a few words that Tony put together…

“I chose the AE because it is the car that originally starting this hole thing (Drifting) off, and I wanted to build something that represented and stayed true to that.”

“Whenever I drive it people just stop and stare, everyone just rates it hard! It gets lots of attention wherever I go with it.

I have had a great time building it. It’s been a massive learning experience.”

“I love it to drive, it’s quick and nimble, it’s really like a big go kart. It’s lots of fun to Drift, It’s takes a hole lot more effort to Drift than the bigger cars like Nissan etc due to it’s shorter wheelbase. However as I get more power and better at driving it I seem to be able to get closer to what they can do.”

So there you have it, my first feature.

Hope you enjoyed, Look forward to more in the coming 12 months.
As i’ll be making an effort to do at least one per month.

Thank you!



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C’s Garage @ DMNZ Taupo

For those of you that keep checking back for photos from the DMNZ day at Taupo…
I’m working on it slowly, things have been a bit hectic the past few weeks and I haven’t had much time to edit photos.

So i’ll leave you with this lone shot of Adam from C’s Garage.

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It was wet – 04/12/11 Taupo

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DMNZ Drift Day 04/12/11

Such an awesome day.
Got drenched, Camera too.

Made for cool things to happen.

Check back later on in the week for more!

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Monthly migration to Taupo

Off to Taupo again at around 3 am tomorrow.

Reverse track and the D1NZ judged section,
so should be good to see the Pro guys out ripping up at speed!

Clean your cars and run kits all day!

See you tomorrow!

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