DMNZ @ Taupo pt1

It’s been a long time coming, but here is Part 1 of my coverage!
You probably don’t want to read about my ramblings so, we’ll see how it goes!

S14 FL
This makes URAS look good!
When did that ever happen
This car was going strong all day.

I don’t know a lot about this van at all, But I want to know more!
This was so cool to see in a field of Nissan
Sounded Great aswell!

Dave Steedman in his one hundred Thousand horsepower A31

Another A31 mid way through the first drift corner from up top on the concrete!
It was an awesome feeling getting so close and personal to the cars coming at you at speed!

Mark getting Super Angle all day long in his S15 bought from the South Island.
I really like shooting his car, maybe it’s the white and orange colour combo?

I’ll leave you with Hipster Sun Flare shot of Shanes new Blister RB S15!

More photos and words tomorrow!




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2 responses to “DMNZ @ Taupo pt1

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  2. New Zealand

    That “Van” is one of the boys, its a datsun 1200 wagon running a 12A turbo.

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