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Wow, It’s been a while

Yeah, so.
Sorry about the lack of updates… The past month.

Work has been mad busy, my weekends have been full of race meetings and race cars..
None of which I’ve been shooting at. But, crewing on.

I’ve finished work, and started Uni again.

My laptop had finally packed a sad, I haven’t had the time to get it fixed, so editing photos has been a no go.
I’ve been using my friends laptops and my phone..

This week, I plan to get everything up and running again and starting where I left off.
Which is going to be a re cap of my 2011 photography year first off.

I’m in planning of getting one book printed..

And in discussion with quite a few other people on getting a special run of… specialty books done..
That i’ve been planning for quite a few months now… But that won’t be going into production until next year some time.

This year, I’m going to be working on, I guess finding my own personal style of shooting, although I’m pretty sure that I’ve found it, and with that shooting goes with editing.
I try and go for a simplistic style of editing, I like to keep it real..
As my background IS film and darkroom, so you make the most of what you take.

Thanks for visiting my site over the last 2-3 months, even though nothing has really happened.
Things will be back to normal!



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