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This, Tomorrow

This is happening tomorrow,
I’m visiting this car.
It’s been Months…
In the making, I guess, not so much the making.
More so, the car Not being in the country and not having the time to shoot it.
We’ve set a date,
Have the car,
Have a location,
And I can’t wait to see it.

I’ll even try and see if it will accept my cast leg, when I try squeeze myself into the cockpit.

There is only the one image that I have on my laptop of the race car,
There is plenty more on my ExHD,
but hop / skipping / crawling / falling down the stairs isn’t high on my list to do multiple times per day.

I do hope to have this cast off my leg by next weekend to follow DMNZ to Taupo for another one of their awesome track days, this time on Track Two.

So i’ll leave you with a shot of what I’ve been excited about for Months.

Can you guess what it is?


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S15 on film

Here is a shot of a S15 heading towards the down hill hairpin at Hampton Downs.

It looks kind of like it was taken at around 1/80th or 1/100th, 200 iso, unknown aperture.

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Long time in the making.


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When I go back to these pictures that I took at the start of this year at the Chris Amon festival of Motor Sport at Hampton Downs, I can’t help but wonder what it would have been like in the hay day of F5000 racing.
There was a few DFV powered F1’s of the day in the mix, you could defiantly pick out their high pitch wail over the grumble of very angry 5.0’s.

My dad used to tell me of times when his father took them down to the old Pukekohe track to watch these machines, mesmerized.

I never thought to Youtube or even google, the thought not crossing my mind.

So when I first saw a field of 30 + F5000’s and F1’s come down the front straight at full noise…
I don’t think words can even explain it.
Not even pictures.

To be honest I’m not sure where this is going.

One thing you Must do is make time to see this show of 60’s and 70’s Real racing cars.

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DMNZ @ Taupo pt1

It’s been a long time coming, but here is Part 1 of my coverage!
You probably don’t want to read about my ramblings so, we’ll see how it goes!

S14 FL
This makes URAS look good!
When did that ever happen
This car was going strong all day.

I don’t know a lot about this van at all, But I want to know more!
This was so cool to see in a field of Nissan
Sounded Great aswell!

Dave Steedman in his one hundred Thousand horsepower A31

Another A31 mid way through the first drift corner from up top on the concrete!
It was an awesome feeling getting so close and personal to the cars coming at you at speed!

Mark getting Super Angle all day long in his S15 bought from the South Island.
I really like shooting his car, maybe it’s the white and orange colour combo?

I’ll leave you with Hipster Sun Flare shot of Shanes new Blister RB S15!

More photos and words tomorrow!




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First Frame of Light

First frame since 2006 from this camera.
I think it’s my bedroom wall.
The rest of the roll turned out pretty good.
I dropped the camera at the start of the day, the zoom went from 80-200 to 130-200 and made some funny noises for a while.
Still works.
Can’t wait to develop my own film again, it’s been five years.
I’ll be dropping some more film during the week and using more aswell.


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F5000, M1b, M8

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