John Bryant | 1968 Lola T140 / 8

John had flown his Lola T140 over from Adelaide two weeks ago to race in the
two weekends that the BMW Festival of Motor Racing was held, and also this coming weekend at Ruapuna in Christchurch.

In 2007 or 2008 John had a horrific accident at Phillip Island when a front left suspension arm had failed
and sent him off the track, backwards into a tire barrier at 150mph.

This left him unconscious for six hours and hospitalized for weeks with a fractured skull and broken bones.

The rebuild of this car has taken four years and finished last year, this has been his first event in the T140 since.

Here you can see him looking up into the sky before he rolls out onto the grid for the first race of Sunday.



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6 responses to “John Bryant | 1968 Lola T140 / 8

  1. rob hoskins

    no shortage of guts or talent in this man, as the impressive improvement in the lap times race by race over two weekends of racing were to testify, keep an eye on him at Ruapuna for more :

  2. Russell Keach

    Hi there
    Enjoyed chatting in the pitts at Hampton Downs about Mopar cars etc can you please send me a contact email address thanks.
    Cheers Russell

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