‘Full Throttle’ Manukau

Ended up going for a look-see at the show at Telstra clear stadium today.
Car shows don’t really tickle my balls.
This one didn’t either.

This bike stand was one of the coolest displays of the day, i’m sure.
I really like nz built specials.

I only had my 50 with me, so I worked with that.
I find that I can never get Anything in full crisp and clear focus with it.
Being a manual focus doesn’t help much, but I do like it.

Mikes RX7 was there.

A Hand clutch and shifter on a Harley Davidson,

The one other cool display of the day, Allan Moffats Group A RX7 replica.
The build quality was so amazing.
Running a carb’d 13b that first turned over only a few days ago.

This replica is running 17×9 wheels instead of the 16’s Moffat ran due to tyres costing more,
Arrow wheels did a awesome job with these.

Erron Soon was there, being a Baws charging round firing shots off.

The Jerks were there,
Running their shit,

And winning some shit too.

In all over exposed and un-composed goodness is crazy lady yelling at people about stuff.

Another bike stand, this was a club.

I liked this colour, is all.

There was also some drifting. Which was pretty much burn outs in a car park….
That’s all i have to say about that.

I have a few more pictures that I’ll properly dump over the coming weeks.

Hope you enjoyed



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