First night proper tigging tonight.
Was pretty cool, my old man, Garry, said if you can gas weld you can Tig weld.
I forgot how to gas weld. Tig welding is so much more specific and more forgiving than gas.

I caught on pretty easy so that was cool.

Our tig is a lincoln V205T, it has so many buttons and knobs.

More welding tomorrow!


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4 responses to “Tigosaurus

  1. kpr

    nice, much jealous of your welder!

  2. Tricks to save gas… Reset regulator after every fill. Set pressure slightly over what you what at main valve. Set final flow at secondary valve. Short hose from bottle to machine and small dia. keep post flow to minimum unless doing work that requires maximum shielding. stay positive. keep practising. that is all. good luck.

    • Hey man!
      Thanks for that.
      We’ve sorted out the gas problem now!
      Been using smaller dia. filler and might even go smaller tungsten,
      But, everything has been going good!

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