A Drift day pt2

This is part two of Garage H Advanced drift day,
It’s taken a while to post, because I’ve been busy.

Also, I’ve been trying to think what and How to write what ever you write for pictures.
I’m having a blank.
Which is rather annoying.

You may have noticed a lack of words in most of my posts lately, to those of you who actually take time to read this stuff =)
Thanks for reading btw.

If you click on the pictures, they enlarge.
To, what I think is a pretty decent size for a monitor.

Do forget to share this with all your friends.
I do like this picture of this R32.
It looked awesome all day long.
Mabey the yellow wheels did it?
This was done at 1/50th.
Usually you would get total wheel blur, but he’s locked all wheels up coming to the dipping, in reverse track.
AND, he didn’t spin.
Love it.

I’ve been thinking lately, how to make a normal shot like this.
Into more of an art shot.
How the hell do you do that?
hopefully we’ll find out this weekend.

Koya Drift teks make cool shapes at speed =)

I took this, standing on the Other side of the fence.
After spending all day on the infield.
I’m pretty sure this is my favourite shot of the day.

Yes, that is a lake behind Han’s S15.
Lake framing?

hopefully y’all stick around, and I’ll come up with some more decent shit to talk about for the drift and open days and shit I end up at.

Thank you!


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