A Drift day pt1.

Garage H Advanced drift day happened this past Saturday..
The weather was totally retarded All after which sucked.
But we made the most of it, and it was a pretty awesome day.
Thanks Theresa & Simon!

This S15 looks so much classier with out the black vinyl,
And kept at it all day which was awesome to see.

Eddies A31 before he stacked it into the wall..
Hope he gets it back out on the track quick!

This! R33.
I kept coming back to have a look at it all throughout the day..
It looked just Awesome.

R33 was pulling some Mean & Long entries into corners, watching such a whale do this was great to see.
Then coming out of the hair pin dipper the modded knuckle snapped.

In the last post, I talked a little about seeing the lines they take, and the contact patch on the track..
See how much tyre is Not there?
Love how simple this S15 is and it performs so well..

So that’s it for part 1 for tonight
I’ll hopefully get more up before the weekend
I’m a leave you with a shot of The Orange S15..



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