Some shop stuff that has kind of happend the past few months.

These are some of the things we have done at our shop in the past few months..
As the title says.
Nothing much has happened, or.. really documented…
But, more is set to happen.
In the area we are in..
There is a midget engined FED… Front engined Drag rail, which is going under a full rebuild, the owner/driver is away in the USA atm.
A sports car / open wheel racecar which I wont tell you what engine it is running just yet, but we have been following its build since last year…
And since then, I havent taken Any pictures of it. Bummer.
We have fabbed some random things for it every so often aswell.
The same owner of that sport car has a Lotus 7 replica with a different engine aswell..

Our stuff

In amongst the sea of aluminium you see, can you spot the bracket that’s been made?
This is the alloy version.. It has been changed to steel since because we thought that it wouldn’t pass the cert with it as aluminium.

This pulley bracket took Hours to design and build, for before a track day at Hampton Downs.
Something so small and simple.. You’d never know the work that went into it to machine.
This is only version one aswell, we havent gotten around to making a lightning better version two.

And this is a shot of some fancy Willwood calipers and rotors behind Corvette wheels…
Instead of stopping good once. They make the Corvette stop good Over and Over again.
Love it.
It’s more fun to drive then my car!

Another thing, we’re moving shop this weekend / next weekend.
Expanding, with a Lot more tools and things and able to fit more than one car inside… think….
7. With room to spare!
I’ll see the place tomorrow, and take a few photos..
And with those photos, ill show the old shop photos aswell.


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