Sweet weekend on the river, and the Streets.

The river.

5400 RPM
60 MPH
Dosnt seem like to much..

Using only one pedal… The GO pedal..
Seems a lot Fun.
There were harnesses, did we use them?
No, Its a bad idea in deep water.
Did my camera get wet?
Of course it did.
(how much moisture can they take?)

Is a lot of fun.
These are special low power (50-200hp) jet units,
Made just for low power applications.
A home made design,
A few sold to General Motors for testing of their engines.
200 units ready for United Emirates.
24 ready for NZ..
These Jet Sprints have 100hp, in 12ft 3″ shallow hull.
You won’t belive how crossed up you can get this Jet Sprint.
Imagine on a closed course the sensation of speed
You would feel piloting this.

Oh its great.
They’re a go kart on the water.
You feel everything.
I can’t wait to drive it again.
With the new engine.
20-30 kgs lighter..

I’m excited.


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