First time at the Battle of the Streets..

6:30 am
Alarm sounding.
I Need to get up.
It’s a Sunday, and up at 6:30? Only ever for an Event like this.
Today is Paeroa Battle of the streets.

Getting to Patamahoe at around 8am
I turn up the the soft rumble of the Corvette warming up
Sun’s up, no clouds.
Today is going to be great.

To the photos,
Post Classic SideCars during morning warmup,
#199 of Simon and Maxine stepping it out in their Norton Atlas 750

We had the best run down to Paeroa for this event, clear skies and road the whole trip
Taking a few side roads to get there.
Chasing a few bikes through the corners

Steve Clark powering out his CBR 600 onto the front straight of Paeroa

We turn up around 9:30/10
Parking is easy,
Bikes are plenty.
Sun block on.
Shit is hawt.

I can’t remember What or Who’s bike this is..
But it sure did look Hella awsome, sitting in front of the Tractors…
I think showing what the Country of NZ is all about,

Finding decent corners to Watch the racing was easy,
Finding decent cornders for Shooting was a bit harder.
Being a street circuit,
It was tight packed together full of people.
Thats ok,
We made do.

#165 which I cant find the details of… Leading the BMW S1000 of Sloan Frost in the King of the streets, which turned out to be a race of changing the lead of every corner of every lap.

This particular corner was fully packed of all kind of photographers of the more professional kind.
Watching some of their live veiw of the shots they flicked through really annoyed me..

I’m pretty sure this is Tony Rees bailing off of a Yamaha R1 comming out of the Hair Pin, turn 7..
This is the only shot of him comming off his bike… as I have my camera set at a pretty low shutter speed, as you can see. I quite like this shot… It’s kind of out of focus as the point of the front wheel and the rest is a quite the hot mess Mind Fuck photograph that I like to take..

Because of the ones I saw were in the exact same position,
with high shutter speed, freezing the bike in focus and ones around it
and, different bikes, but same place on the track.
Sure, its for commercial useage.. But.. They’re deffinatly lacking..

#294 Ducati TT2 of Steve Bridge, having a turn at leading the SuperMotard bikes


Suzuki GSX 600 of John Carter of New Plymouth hitting the front straight on the streets…

Aside from that, mid morning beer time.
Many bars open before 12
Which was good for us.
Even got asked by a racer could see my photos..

Shane Taylor Killin’ it heading past the bridge onto the back straight

These were great to watch,
Kind of like car racing,
You’re never to sure on how theyre going to come through the corner
since they dont exactly have the same precision as motorcycles
So always had to stay at the ready to shoot.

Darren & Karl if Katikati keepin it real through the S bend on the Kawasaki SideCar.

Sloan Frost again, Leading the pack in the BEARS class around the Suzuki S bend.
& if you must know the BEARS stand for British, European, American Racing series.
I thought was some of the best racing of the day.

F2 SideCars.. Turns out that the swinger on this Yamaha 600 powered bike is my mates friend.. Which I thought was pretty cool.
Being the only F2 bike in a feild of F1’s they did pretty well, even placing in front of some of the F1s.

Short wheelbase, 1300cc..
Watching this particular machine was wicked fun and was great shooting it.
Never really knowing how it’s going to enter/exit the corner..

This is a shot the of the same Yamaha that bailed later in the day.
Popping wheels and getting twitchy out of every corner.

Working with what I had and where I was,
This happend.
Yeeah, it’s a mess.

James Clarke comming over and through the bridge at ‘Westpac Corner’.

Pre ’82s..
Beers were had.
Sun blareing
Already burnt..

I think this class was some of the best Motorcycle racing ive seen..
Sean Donnelly on the Kawasaki Z1 swapping lead with Bernard Ryan on the Moto Guzzi LeMans 850
in the Pre ’82 class.

As the end of the day came
We catch up with my mate.
The trip back was pretty eventfull..
Traffic jams
Back road jams
The dog is okay.

For the last shot of this post…
Andrew Stroud was out prancing around in a New Zealand great….
A home built world Giant Killer Motorcycle.
I was so excited to see this bike Finally run, i’ve seen it so many times over the years, but never running…
Wheel stands, stoppies, burnouts…
Putting the Classic through its paces.

So that’s it from the Battle of the Streets in Paeroa!
Cheers Paeroa for putting on a fully sick day!
Can’t wait for next year!


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