The transition between outfeild and infeild.

So this is mid-day from the tunnel of the infeild to outfeild of Hampton Downs.
I was just walking and shot with what ever setting that was on at the time.
I like the way it turned out.

Bruce Manon, mk2 Escort.
This car is Insanely cool.
Bruce and his BDA powered Escort has been on the the scene for Years and his car is Always a front runner.
One of the better more fun drivers to watch in the series, taking on the bigger guns in their turbo’d cars.

XY GT Falcon,
Obvious panel damage…

New Zealand Royal Air Force
Doing the Top Gun maneuver
Watching these Pilots do their thing was fully sick.
While they were at it, I was thinking of how it was years ago when they Actually fought like that in the skys.
Imagine what it would be like if they still did that to this day..

To be totally honest, I dont remember who these cars belong to, or what position they were racing for or anything.
But I do hope you like it.

Here we have is the legendary Chris Amon, (right) signing the Amon AF1/01 F1 car from 1974.
This car was not so succesfull during the six races it attempted in the 1974 season.
To the left is Ron Maydon, the proud owner of the Cosworth DFV V8 powered F1 car.
I waited mabey just about five minutes to take this photo, just waiting to get everthing right.
F1 paparazzi?

I’m still going through a Lot of photos from these weekends..

Fuck it, here’s some drifting,



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