Born to late, missing the golden years.

McLaren M12 and M1A/B Can-Am

McLaren, What I think is the greatest New Zealand name is around.
Has made world dominating cars throught out its time, starting in 1954/5 through to 2011 and beyond.
F1, Can-Am, Indy Car and a few other formula, McLaren has had its finger in all.
Back ground car is an all alloy bodied M1A/B, first of the Cam-Am cars that ruled America, I’m pretty sure this
particular car is running a Ford V8. The foreground is an M12 that was only raced a few times then sealed in a glass case in a resturant in Japan for a number of years then returning to NZ. These models cars were run up to 9 litre Chevrolet engines making 800+hp, this was in the 1970’s.

Nissan, Ferrari and Chevolet. All in one class

These photos were from the Chris Amon Festival of Motorsport that was held on the weekend, it was pretty crap weather, and I was pretty scared to get my camera to wet, so I took a Lot less pictures then I usually would.
Here, we have a Nissan, Ferrari and Chevrolet, All in one racing class. How much diverse can you get? The Corvette being owned by none other then one half of Hampton Downs owner, Tony Roberts.

Pit wall damage

This is the the aftermath of a F5000 hitting the pit wall entrance at reasonal number of miles, the driver is rather lucky he didnt lose any limbs, considering how close the drivers are towards the front of the car.

High speed, Rooster tail and Reflection.

Reflections and Rooster tails are the best part of shooting in utter crap weather, this is one of the few that I took. The F5000 race had been stopped twice on the Saturday, and they still finished the race, with Sunday being cancelled. I cant want untill next weekend for the next round of more of the racing that I missed out on because I was born to late.

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